Krakow Airport- you have to know it!

Krakow Airport is among the five European airports that have been recognised in 2019 in the area of customer experience by Airport Council International. The document is awarded only to airports that, in their daily operations, constantly improve the level of service of their passengers, listen to their suggestions and actively respond to the reported needs.

Just Wait!

It is often the case that we have to spend several hours at an airport. This does not mean, however, that we have to be bored. You can use this waiting time usefully in several ways. Balice Airport, thanks to its wide gastronomic and shopping offer, offers its customers a pleasant time to spend in restaurants or doing the last necessary purchases.

Put something in your tummy

As we all know, an empty stomach is not good for our mood. And not all airlines, especially on short flights, offer their passengers some snacks. Fortunately, if you arrive at Balice airport early enough, you can find something for everyone. Fancy a hot cup of coffee or tea? No problem! The restaurants also have something in store for the really hungry passengers. There are several restaurants in the terminal, where you can have a tasty and warm meal in peace and quiet.

Do your shopping in the airport Balice

Often, due to the excitement of a trip, we forget to pack a few things in our suitcase. At the last moment it turns out that you did not take deodorant, perfume or shower gel? No problem. The Balice Airport in Krakow provides a wide choice of stores. Do your shopping before departure and do not forget the most important items!

In the duty free zone you will also find delicious sweets of well known brands, charming perfumes at good prices or high class spirits.

Admire the planes from the observation deck

While you’re ready to take off, or waiting for the person you’re supposed to pick up, you can enjoy one of the main attractions at Krakow Airport. The observation deck is not a common option at airport terminals in our country, so it’s worth taking advantage of this opportunity.

Do you find flying stressful?

In the Balice departures area you can meet a border collie named Zen and his owner Kasia, a dog behaviourist. This perfect duo makes sure that passengers feel relaxed and calm before departure and that they have positive memories of their flight from Krakow Airport in their heads. The dog is truly a great friend and has a very positive impact especially on frightened children.

Methods for stress relief

As part of the relaxation process passengers can take part in free 10-minute exercise sessions to music with stretching elements, conducted by Happy&Healthy’s specialist personal trainers. This is especially important during longer flights, which require sitting for several hours. Very often the passengers are joined by members of the plane crew or employees from the airport.

Transit to the city center

Just landed and need to get to Krakow? There is no problem with that at the Balice airport. Both public transport and private carriers are available 24 hours a day. Public transport buses and PKP trains leave from particular stops and stations.

You can also easily catch a cab driver who is waiting impatiently for passengers, or catch a transport by company buses. Krakow airport transfer has an excellent level of service and you can pack a really large amount of luggage, along with your bikes or skis.

If you want to spend those 30 minutes in a comfortable and elegant way and relax after a long flight, it is worth using Krakow airport VIP transfer services by JTP. The carriers are really helpful and offer advice for tourists who want to see Krakow.

The capital of Malopolska – a place for everyone

For years, the city has been striving to find a compromise between the expectations of the Cracovians, entrepreneurs and tourists. Each of these groups, coming to Krakow in large numbers and having different interests, should accept the possibility of giving up some of their own benefits in favour of the common values of the city. Krakow wants to actively shape its surroundings and build social awareness and activity for the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage. Tourists visiting the city in such large numbers must take into account the fact that in order to see the same beautiful Wawel Castle or the well-maintained Old Town in 50 years’ time, they must also contribute to the care of the cultural heritage every day.